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Legal News, the magazine of The Confederation of South Wales Law Societies has appointed Emma Waddingham as its new Editor. 


The bi-monthly publication for The Confederation of South Wales Law Societies has been re-designed and will continue to adapt in terms of editorial content in the near future. It is a must-read publication across the region and, under Emma's stewardship, will progress to new heights to help share news, opinion, support and knowledge with many hundreds of legal practitioners. 

Emma's first issue as Editor landed on the desks of lawyers and affiliated legal professionals across South Wales this month in hard copy format. She said:

"It's a real honour to have been asked to edit this hugely successful regional legal magazine for The Confederation of South Wales Law Societies. The previous Editor, Richard Fisher, left a great legacy with his work on the magazine. I wish him all the best upon his retirement! In time, I hope I live up to his success and expand the magazine to meet the needs of a new generation of legal professionals - as well as existing ones!"

Legal News is also available online and can be viewed here.

To contribute in the August edition, please contact Emma for deadlines, editorial guidelines and house style. 
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